OCEAN Magazine Spring 2014, Issue 42 features ONE BREATH ONE STROKE about Richard Roshen's life kayaking the ocean with whales, SILENCE by Diane Buccheri, AN AWED SUBMERSION by Tom Sheehan, BEYOND ISLAND OF THE BLUE DOLPHIN by Chuck Graham      Sea Oats and Sea Amaranthe, photographed by Diane Buccheri

OCEAN Magazine is a nature magazine with soul for people who love the ocean and marine life.

OCEAN takes you there. Open the pages of OCEAN –– the tide comes and goes, waves peel, salt is in the wind, whales blow, dolphins leap, seagulls soar.

OCEAN's photography steps you right into the scene looking out over the horizon, skimming along wave tops, into the spirit, bathed in sunshine or moonlight.

OCEAN is a one of a kind literary magazine. It's an adventure. It's a mediation. It's a look into the deep. See for yourself!