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The present conditions of tableware purchase and the recommendation of the use of specialized traders

If you want to dispose of your dishes but can not afford to throw them away, you will most likely use a recycle shop. However, even if it is a new item, it is customary to place a price on the shelf for around 100 yen, cheaper than the original price. So what happens to prices for branded dishes? If it is a branded product, it will be assessed at a point higher price than ordinary dishes and priced. However, the price is only around one to twenty percent of the market price. If it is a high-class tableware such as Wedgewood, Baccarat, Mino-yaki or Imari, the price will go up because it is in demand, and buyers will come soon, but here too 30%-40% and added value It is the present conditions of tableware purchase that can not expect high price purchase by. If it sells to antique stores, it often buys at a better price than a recycle shop, but there are fluctuations from store to store because there are many individual stores. It is probably the tableware specialist who can use it most safely. As it is appraised by the knowledge-rich staff, it is recommended to consider once if you are thinking about disposal of dishes.

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