OCEAN is located in Stamford, CT  and
on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, USA

OCEAN Magazine Spring 2014
    What is it that we feel at the ocean? Our cares
    wash away, and we feel a connectedness, a
    calling. It is here we reflect. And here we feel
    freed. We reach depths unknown before.

    One ocean surrounds this earth, connects us
    all, connects all of earth, all land and marine

    The ocean's salt water and sand absorb and
    reflect all, magnified, intensified.

The power is unfathomable. And soothing, Inspiring. Invigorating.

OCEAN is made of that inspiration, that freedom, that connectedness.

Our bodies are more than 70% salt water.  Biologicially, human
life, all life on earth is possible because of the ocean and sun.
The ocean and sun give energy to everything on earth.

OCEAN Magazine is a nature magazine with soul connecting the
ocean, land, and sky with people everywhere.

OCEAN Magazine publishes photography, articles and stories,
essays, and poems to celebrate and protect the ocean. Issues
are published quarterly –– Winter (January), Spring (April),
Summer (July), and Fall (October).    

In OCEAN you read what you read no where else. OCEAN is timeless.
Never is an issue outdated. With incomparable quality, each issue is
a collector's item.

Jonathon flies with the sun.    


The first comment from everyone is "The photography is beautiful."
OCEAN's photo's are offered for sale.

   One OCEAN reader and contributor stated, it's not
   getting back to nature that we need, but realizing
   that we are part of nature, we are one with nature,
   living within its system. Listen to it, watch it, really hear
   and see. We are one.

All of nature is connected and dependent upon the ocean.

The source of all life and great wisdom, the ocean, all of nature, exists
by a system of synergism. Like whales and dolphins, we can exist with
the spirit of a'lul'quoy: to go around . . . to protect . . . to go in peace.

With celebration, and with love,
Diane Buccheri